Debian Buster: Error 500 after login

  • Hi,
    as mentioned in another post, I am trying to get Kopano up and running on Debian buster. Coreservices are running, but if I try to log in to webapp i get:

    PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'SimpleXMLElement' 
    not found in /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.pluginmanager.php:849
    \nStack trace:\n#0 /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.pluginmanager.php(417):
    PluginManager->extractPluginDataFromXML('<?xml version="...', 'quickitems')\n#1 /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.pluginmanager.php(211): 
    PluginManager->processPlugin('quickitems')\n#2 /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.pluginmanager.php(164):
    PluginManager->readPluginFolder(Array)\n#3 /usr/share/kopano-webapp/index.php(184):
    PluginManager->detectPlugins('')\n#4 {main}\n  thrown in
     /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.pluginmanager.php on line 849

    PHP Version is: 7.3.4


  • after uninstalling all pluginpackages of WA I am able to log in, so perhaps this is an issue with a plugin.

    Something like this perhaps:

  • Kopano

    @mcdaniels It’s complaining about SimpleXMLElement so probably you do not have php-simplexml or php-xml installed

  • Hi,
    ok I’ll doublecheck this.
    Shouldn’t this be installed cause of depencies?

    Thank you!

  • Kopano


    The new debian 10 build in the master repo should have this dependency,
    including some additional deps.

    Please give it a try

  • @marty: will do it, but will have to set up a new testserver for this. Just migrated my homeinstallation to another rootserver (switched back to debian 9 for this).

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