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  • Hi

    If i open a digital signed email in the inbox, on closing the mail i reveive outlook warning: you modified this mail if you save the changes the digital sigature will be removed from the mail click yes to save changes or no to not modify the mail

    so as i did not change the email why is outlook saying so ? does koe modify the mail on opening or closing ?



  • Kopano

    Hi @externa1,

    please always specify the exact version of the program you are asking a question about.

    Afaik koe does not modify messages when reading (or closing) them. But koe does modify the item when you reply (adds a category to sync reply states to the server).

    I did look for an old s/mime signed message in my inbox and also did not get such a notification when simply opening/closing it.

  • @fbartels

    i checked this again with the user - and yes the message on modified emial comes only if she/he forwards the mail, on only opening and closing there is no such message.

    versions outlook 2016
    KOE 2.0-340
    kopano 8.7.5
    z-push 2.5.1.beta1+11-0


  • Kopano

    @externa1 yes, it seems applying the reply flag is the action that “breaks” the signature. Not sure why though since that should all just be in the body of the message and not in the other mapi attributes.

    Not sure if we can do something different here.

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