Remove duplicate calendar events

  • Hello,

    Our (test)Server (Univention with Kopano Core, Z-push and Webapp, latest community version today, stable builds) has had the issue (with z-push and mobile syncing) in at least one account to have created multiple copies of calendar events (about 1000+ duplicates per event). This seems to be an issue that has been resolved with updates (and we can’t duplicate this anymore, so an update has solved this issue).

    However, the duplicate entries still remain and are a pain to remove individually. I think it would be possible to remove all duplicates with Python-kopano, but I cannot seem to find the correct command to do this. Or a way to just clear the whole calendar of an account?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kopano

    Hi Steven,

    if you don’t need the calendar items, you could just delete all of them in webapp. Right click on the calendar folder and choose “empty folder”.


  • @Manfred Thank you Manfred, why didn’t I just think of this myself? Too much CLI…


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