large attachments plugin ?!

  • The use of large attachments is announced as “expected in Q1/Q2 2017” …
    Any betas available? If so, I didn’t found them ;(



  • Kopano

    Hi Rico,

    A after releasing an alpha version months ago the initial approach turned out to be very inconvenient for system administrators (especially when it comes to storage). We still want to deliver this feature, yet based on storage backends in use by Kopano Files (e.g. ownCloud). This is not yet at a stage we want to deliver.

    I’ll make sure the webpage is brought up to date with the most recent information.


  • is there any news???


  • Kopano

    @Sinux not yet, other than that the webpage has been updated with the latest information.

    As we already shared, the goal is to enable the ‘sending’ of larger attachments by keeping them in a Kopano Files backend that helps limit keep the storage on your WebApp server.

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