Webapp 3.4 kopano.com kopano.io


I have the following problem which can be reproduced in the following steps:
Hello, I have download and installed webapp 3.4 (main branch) and it now comes up on the top with kopano.io and kopano.com next to Tasks, Contacts, etc.

When I click on them nothing happens though, it opens a separate webapp tab which stays empty.

May I know what that is and whether it should be working?

@mcostan said in Webapp 3.4 kopano.com kopano.io:

May I know what that is and whether it should be working?

this is the intranet-plugin.
You may disable it under settings->plugin.

Configuration seems to be available through settings->advanced->plugins->intranet:
There you define custom-links pointing to external sites.

The whole feature looks like being under development.


thanks a lot!

Would you know if there is a global switch by which the new functionality can be switched off completely?

You can remove the plugin or disable it in config.php

https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1424 till https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1426
are some improvement tickets for the intranet plugin.

thanks for your help.