Z-Push Public Folders search

Hello everyone,

if i search something via Kopano-Ribbon “shared Folders” i get an error Message in “Kopano OL Extension.log”

Error: ZPushLocalStore: Exception: System.ArgumentException: Illegales Zeichen im Pfad.
   bei System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2)
   bei Acacia.ZPush.ZPushLocalStore.OpenOrCreateInstance(IAddIn addIn)

It doesnt matter what i wanna search, even one character does this. - Every next character shows its own error message
I’ve already got 2 shared folders mapped - but i cant find other ones (not even the same again :) ).

This is a local problem and i think if i create a new Outlook-Profile it will work again. - just want to report this issue and maybe there is already a simple solution for that.


OK, i’ve found why this occured:

PluginDebugger.exe -> LocalFolders -> Path: “%AppData%\Kopano\Kopano OL Extension”;

Maybe copy/paste failure, the path was exact this one (with " ) - Correted it and it works fine
Fun-Fact: this was generated by a *.reg-file (regedit /s kopano-folders.reg)
Everywhere it worked fine, but in my profile it was already set and made something wrong :)


++closed for me++