questions regarding features in Kopano WebApp

  • Hallo,

    we have a customer, who received a testing instance of Kopano.
    He has posed several question, maybe some of you are able to answer some of these:

    • Calendar:

      • Is it possible to create a preset, so each user has read only acces to all calendars? However each user should be able to change these permissions. He fears that if 50 users have to set permissions for each other this will stall everything.
      • Same goes for contacts.
    • When creating appointments, a user can invite others / externals via Email. These can come from contacts. Additionally, one can assign persons a required or optional flag. Also Resources can be added:

      • Is it possible to create multiple Global lists, so resources like Conference rooms, cars, equipment etc. will not show under the users tab?
      • Is it possible to filter contacts when assigning them to the appointsments. If there are several hundred contacts one might need a criteria to find only these to which the criteria applies to.
    • Contacts:

      • Is there a possibility to create bulk emails, with variables like:
        • $Mr/Mrs $GivenName $Surname, etc.
      • is there a possibility to create BulkLETTERS (for printing Documents) with variables?
      • If not:
        • Is contact-import from Excel possible?
        • is contact Export possible?
    • How are public Folders created? Who is allowed to do that?

    Concerning public folders, my tests showed everyone is allowed to create these.
    If I understood correctly, to import contacts one has to use the kopano admin-CLI?

    Thank you for you Assistance!

    Kind Regards

  • Kopano

    Hello @j-schoendorn ,

    the official language of this forum is English. Can you translate your question to the benefit of others?

  • Hello @fbartels,

    my apologies, I have translated my questions.

    Thank you!

  • Kopano

    Hi @j-schoendorn,

    1. calendar/contact permissions
      instead of assigning permissions to individual users you can also assign permissions to groups. groups in kopano are by default “security groups” which means permissions assigned to them will be inherited by the members of the group.

    2. create multiple Global lists
      Kopano supports so called “address lists”. they are defined through a ldap search filter. so everything that you can match with a filter could be displayed as an individual list.

    3. templating
      This is something I cannot answer in general. but you have the possibility to export individual contacts from webapp and with a short python script you can also easily bulk export contacts into for example csv format.

    4. public folders
      you could here also use groups to limit who can do what in the public folder

  • @fbartels
    Thank you for answering my questions.
    I have one more questions concerning resource Accounts, e.g. rooms, beamers etc. :
    I can create these as shared accounts. I am not able however to move these accounts from global address book to a public contact list created in public folders.
    I can hide them from global address book, but then no one is able to find them via search and they cannot be booked.
    Do I have to take a different approach in realizing this?

  • Kopano

    @j-schoendorn you can indeed not move entries out of the gab into an address list.

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