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  • ello
    I want to know if there is a plugin to store sent emails in specific folders, indicating the target automatically or manually after each sent
    thank you

  • Kopano

    Hi @VincentB,

    not as far as I know.

  • Kopano

    Perhaps this is something you can script. The only plugin related to moving messages is the PIM folder plugin. But this is all done manually.

  • maybe with the rules you can set.

    some think like :

    • Check message after sending.
    • through name map-account
    • move a copy of the message to folder.

  • Kopano

    Hi @VincentB,

    please disregard what @thctlo was saying. Rules are only executed on delivery and not when sending.

  • @fbartels ok, that is also 1/2 correct. we are both telling incomplete info… (oeps)…

    Let say it a bit better then.
    For example Outlook , there I can set that, and Outlook then handles that rule. ( not kopano ). ( client rules)
    Kopano only use the rules on delivery (server rules )


  • Kopano

    @thctlo but this is the webapp subforum, isn’t it? ;-)

  • argg… totaly missed that…
    I’m sorry… im getting more koffee here…

  • Hi @VincentB ,
    if you have administrative access to kopano-server, your idea could be realized server-side (imho):
    kopano-spooler and kopano-dagent, responsible for outgoing(spooler) and incoming(dagent) mail, both implement a plugin-framework (python), that should be appropriate to handle your task with a manageable effort of python-coding.

    A user defined plugin hooks into the delivery process of the aforementioned daemons and will get invoked on below events:

    def PostConverting(self, session, addrbook, store, folder, message):
    def PreDelivery(self, session, addrbook, store, folder, message):
    def PostDelivery(self, session, addrbook, store, folder, message):
    def PreRuleProcess(self, session, addrbook, store, rulestable):
    def SendNewMailNotify(self, session, addrbook, store, folder, message):

    The prototypes are declared in /usr/share/kopano-spooler/python/

    But, as Felix, said, this is off-topic for the webapp-forum.

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