add a comment to a Email or a task

  • Hi,

    We’re using Kopano 8.7.1 with Webapp and DeskApp 2.3.1 and we are glad we can add customized categories to Mails and tasks. But it would be even better to add a comment to an email or a task. This new feature could be integrated in the context menu and the quick info for example.

    I searched the forum but wasn’t able to find a similar request. I’m curious if something like that is on the roadmap or if there is already a ticket in the jira system.

    Thanks for your support in advance.

  • Kopano

    Hi @msauer

    This might come a bit close to your request:

    Short summary:
    Attach (personal) notes to items, such as emails, task or appointments.

    Ticket is not currently on the roadmap.

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