kopano-debug.js:9248 when creating appointment

  • Hello!

    I just saw a problem when crating a new Appointment to a Calender (With Mouse Curser, then Write and press Enter):
    The Appointment gets created multible times and the crome console shows up this error:
    kopano-debug.js:9248 POST https://XXX/kopano.php?subsystem=webapp_1559742014101 405
    This error will come up ~ once a second and will create a new appointment with each error.


    kopano-debug.js:9248 POST https://XXX/kopano.php?subsystem=webapp_1559742853493 405
    sendHttpRequest @ kopano-debug.js:9248
    send @ kopano-debug.js:9531
    doRequests @ kopano-debug.js:12801
    createUpdateAction @ kopano-debug.js:12671
    request @ kopano-debug.js:12642
    execute @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    g @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    doTransaction @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    save @ kopano-debug.js:14028
    save @ kopano-debug.js:13054
    (anonymous) @ kopano-debug.js:63068
    (anonymous) @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    createRecord @ kopano-debug.js:150163
    onAppointmentCreate @ kopano-debug.js:63064
    fire @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    fireEvent @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    onAppointmentCreate @ kopano-debug.js:108075
    fire @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    fireEvent @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    onTextEntered @ kopano-debug.js:105732
    fire @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    fireEvent @ ext-base-all.js?version=
    onKeyPress @ kopano-debug.js:109847
    I @ ext-base-all.js?version=

    Did anyone get around this?

    I do know:
    It does happen on other installation
    On this installation it does not happen to other users - only to one.
    I did a reset of the webapp settings
    Kopano Core:

    I found out that due this error there may have been created about 1500 same appointments.
    I deleted them and i do not get the error again. But this means the error was present and can not be the reason it self.
    Any other Hints?


  • No hint from me but the same behaviour!
    Today while creating an appointment with one recipient … 1500 entries in my calendar now.
    Yesterday I tried to accept an appointment, and the answer was sent 250 times!

  • Kopano

    I don’t know if you mind, but maybe you want to remove your company link.

    Are there any errors in the logs?

    In what way is this user different?

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