Ok and Cancel button does not work in properties panel

  • Hi all,

    i have four similar Kopano installations and in one of them the “Ok” and “Cancel” button of every properties panel does not work.
    In detail i try to add permissions to a mailbox and i’m able to add and configure them properly but … i can’t save them.
    Same operation in other indentical installed sytem (by ansible) works fine.

    Any idea?

    CentOS 7, Epel, core-, webapp-

    Best regards,

  • Kopano

    Could you do a reset of your (state) settings and check again?
    You can use The reset webapp setting button inside WebApp to remove all settings or the webapp_admin script for state settings/normal setting.

    Note: Removing all settings will close shared stores etc.

  • Same behaviour for my installation and reset Webapp does the trick as well.

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