feature request: Ability to set timezone for appointments

  • I know that the topic is quite old;
    However I stumbeled across the issue myself.

    If you are planing a business trip across different times zones you most likely will setup the appointments e.g. flights etc. before. Consequently you will do this from your home timezone. Due to the missing option in Kopano WebApp to set a timezone for the appointment and the fact that Kopano picks the current set timezone from the device I have two options:

    1. Change the timezone of my device for every appointment I am going to plan. -> Very in convenient if your planing involves 4 or more timezones.

    2. Calculate the time difference for each appointment myself and use the local timezone. e.g. if you are in Berlin and setup an appointment in London for 10 o’clock you place it in your calender for 11 o’clock. -> Really ? Are we living in the stoneage ? ;-)

    If I plan an appointment on my android device I am able to at least set a timezone for the beginning of it which then uses option 2 above, calculates the difference and places the appointment accordingly into my calendar matching the local timezone.

    The ideal option would be those provided by MS Outlook where I can set even the timezone for beginning and the end of the appointment differently and have that information synchronized via Z-Push. (ActiveSync does do that)

    This there anything like that on the roadmap ?


  • Kopano

    forked out of https://forum.kopano.io/topic/1804/meetings-different-timezones/14, since this is a WebApp question.

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