Quota unlimited when migration zarafa 7.2.1 to kopano 8.3.0

  • Hello,

    we used zarafa for about 4 years and right now doing a migration to kopano.
    Most work is done but we are having problems with quota. We use ldap and looking in our production server we see:
    Current user store quota settings:
    Quota overrides: no
    Warning level: 900.00 MB
    Soft level: 950.00 MB
    Hard level: 990.00 MB
    But on virtualized clone with kopano there is:
    Current user store quota settings:
    Quota overrides: no
    Warning level: unlimited
    Soft level: unlimited
    Hard level: unlimited
    I took over the ldap.cfg and ldap.propmap.cfg from zarafa only renamed folders. ldap:propmap.cfg was not including in zarafa.

    Tanks in advance


  • Hello,

    as in /usr/share/kopano/ldap.active-directory.cfg parameters are named
    ldap_quotaoverride_attribute = kopanoQuotaOverride
    ldap_warnquota_attribute = kopanoQuotaWarn
    ldap_softquota_attribute = kopanoQuotaSoft
    ldap_hardquota_attribute = kopanoQuotaHard
    but in zarafa
    ldap_quotaoverride_attribute = zarafaQuotaOverride
    ldap_warnquota_attribute = zarafaQuotaWarn
    ldap_softquota_attribute = zarafaQuotaSoft
    ldap_hardquota_attribute = zarafaQuotaHard

    did the active directory scheme parameters change? So do i have to install the KopanoADS-1.0-70-noarch.msi to use this? Or is kopano able to work with the zarafa ADS integration?

  • The schema has a new OID and new names, but other than that is semantically identical, so just editing /etc/kopano to point to the zarafa* attributes should do as a short measure.

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