using cFos CalDAV with Kopano to sync calendar?

  • Since in Outlook 2016 there is no way to add a Calendar using Z-Push without also syncing E-Mails and Contacts I checked if Outlook 2016 supports CalDAV (it does not).

    There are however plugins for Outlook that add this functionality.

    • cFos CalDAV (commercial but long trial period)
    • Outlook CalDav Synchronizer (open source project)

    Has someone tried this?
    I tried to get cFos CalDAV to work but it does not sync. I used “” as sync URL and tried syncing it to a local calendar in a PST file. Unfortunately, nothing happens… trace.txt from cFos CalDAV shows only a few lines (it says twice “new item on server” and fetches two .ics files, then says the sync has finished - however no calendar entries appear).

    Has anyone else tried cFos CalDAV with Kopano or Zarafa? (I’m using Kopano 8.3.0.x)

    Update: I’ve now tried “Outlook CalDav Synchronizer” and it doesn’t work either with the (large) calendar that I wanted to sync. At least it shows some errors, probably parsing crashes while parsing the .ics file. But “Outlook CalDav Synchronizer” does work with my own private calendar (which has way less entries). Overall, not a great success :-(

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