WebApp Folder State

  • After upgrading an Zarafa 7.1 database (firstly) to Kopano 8.4.5 and then to Kopano 8.7.1 in second step, it looks like WebApp (3.5.5) seem to have a problem with saving the “folder expanding state” of the view of user’s own home folder (the state of opend shared stores of other users is saved actually). After relogin of the user, it’s home folder is closed / unexpended again.

    However, as I found out, this behaviour can be fixed by “Reset WebApp settings” in Gerneral settings menu. But this means to reopen all the shared stores again and reconfigure special settings in WebApp again…

    Is there a more easy way to fix this strange behavior?

  • Kopano

    Another way to remove the state settings for a user is with a script:

    If you only remove the state settings, shared stores are still opened.

    Edit: Example usage: python3 webapp_admin.py --remove-state -u user1

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