Calendar notification

  • Hello,

    i’m using Kopano on openSUSE Leap 42.3, Webapp

    There are some contacts with birthday entry which doesn’t have an entry in calendar.
    For example :
    Contactname : Hans Meier
    Birthday : 01.01.1990

    In calendar, there is no entry on 01.01. that shows me the birthday of Hans Meier.
    When i edit the contact and save it without the birthday entry, i get the error message
    “Die Nachricht konnte nicht gespeichert werden”

    How can i solve this ?


  • Kopano

    How and where is that birthday entry created?
    If you can’t see the item in WebApp something is most likely wrong with the item.

    In any case you’re running very old versions.
    I advice to upgrade to the latest stable versions and check if the issue is still reproducible.

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