Files: Owncloud / Nextcloud: Upload Limit 30 MB

  • We are using the Kopano-Webapp-Plugins Files and Files-Owncloud which connects to our own Nextcloud Installation.
    Everything works fine and our users really like Kopano.


    1. We can not upload files bigger than 30MB to our Nextcloud through the Kopano-Webapp-Plugin (Error: see attached screenshot)
    2. If we upload files directly to Nextcloud there is no file limit
    3. Nextcloud and Kopano are installed on different servers
    4. The PHP7-Apache-Config on our Kopanoserver has the following active values: post_max_size = 900M, upload_max_filesize = 900M according to this post:

    Is there any additional configuration setting or restriction for file upload size?

    Our setup:
    Kopano-Core: 8.7.80

    We appreciate your help ;)


  • Kopano

    @CE said in Files: Owncloud / Nextcloud: Upload Limit 30 MB:

    tion for file upload size?

    Both Files plugin and WebApp have those values in .htaccess
    You need to adjust it there as well.

  • Thanks a lot! ;) I changed the value in /usr/share/kopano-webapp/.htaccess and that solved the issue immediately.

    My fault. Did not recognize the .htaccess files.

    Great support and great product ;)

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