Kopano S/MIME + Shared Rules

  • i’ve installed UCS with Kopano WebApp and Z-Push and fell realy comfortable with it. But i’ve got to questions which i could not answer with the Documentation.

    Is there any option to activate that i doenst have to click on “signing with smime” in any email?
    at the moment i have to click everytime on “sign it”
    2edbaaeb-4fef-4fa9-94a2-bdaa6361c39c-grafik.png grafik
    and then klcik ok in the password feld to get it signed.
    36091eb0-b855-458e-8900-c755f4740ca0-grafik.png grafik

    In webapp-config.php i already changed this parameters, so i could save my password.

    but is there any option that e-mails would sign automatically?

    How is it possible to create rules for a shared mailbox? i also already activated paramter in config.php for “enable shared rules”
    and at least: is there some posibility to create rules via “right click” on the e-mail?

    (sorry for bad english, i’m german boy,…)

  • Kopano

    S/MIME plugin

    That behavior is not yet implemented. Ticket is https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KSP-3
    And is part of another larger story to cache the passphrase.


    You need to have the entire store open of the other user and the other user should grant you owner permissions.
    Also mentioned here: https://documentation.kopano.io/webapp_admin_manual/config.html#enable-shared-rules

    Right-click create rules is large task. Ticket: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-396

  • Very thanks to this information. If i change the configfile for the save password option, what service is to restart? This works in Deskapp too, right?

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