Feature request: preselection for contacts main address

  • Hi,

    some think I did not like in zarafa and know in kopano to is that there is no possibility to chose a main address for each contact.

    In some circumstances there is no business address attached to a contact.
    In this case if you look over the contact the address field is empty.
    Is it possible to modifiers the webapp whit a button in wich can be preselected the main address for each contact like show as, there I can also select how the contact should show up in the overview.
    Also that contacts rembember for the next time, which is the main address.

    Best Theo

  • Kopano

    While trying to understand what you meant I saw this behavior:

    Could you verify if this is the issue you are experiencing?

  • @marty

    Dear marty, thank you for your help…
    Yes this is true…
    I made a Screenshot called design.bug.png!
    First you can see on the right side in the red frame, if Private is enabled and stored hen it should load the contact next time whit the privat Address in the field to and not Geschäft.

    There are also 3 things which are not so nice or readable (see the other frames).
    MAybe little Design Bugs ;)

    Best Theo

  • Kopano

    I’ve created ticket https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1495 for this specific case.
    This behavior occurs in more places in the WebApp and there is one general ticket for these issues:

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