Share Folders with users (without Global Addressbook)

  • Hi,
    I would like to share a Calendar-Folder with a user that is not in the Global Addressbook (Hide Global Addressbook checkbox in Univention Management Console).
    I do the following steps:

    1. Go to the Folder.
    2. Right Click and open the Share-Dialog.
    3. Click add.
    4. Change the Folder Contacts in the Right Site (no Global Addressbook).
    5. Select the Username of the User and klick ok.
    6. Select the permissions.
    7. Klick ok.
    8. The following Error message will show (German Version): “Konnte Rechte nicht setzen”.

    I use Univention 4.3.4, Kopano Webapp 3.4.22 and Kopano Core 8.7.1

    Thank for hints!

    Best Regards!

  • Kopano

    @morfey You cannot share folders with externals.

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