files plugin with nextcloud via kopano-konnect

  • So, my gut tells me it this should work, but if I look at what happens, I guess it doesn’t.

    I have nextcloud 15.x (the most recent stable) that I can login to using kopano-konnect. (yay!). Creates user in nextcloud, all peachy.

    Now I want to use the WebApp files plugin to login to nextcloud for full integration. That does not seem to work. Not with kopano credentials enabled, not with them disabled. To me, that seems like a reasonably important thing to have working for full integration between kopano and nextcloud, or is that me and does it only work if I hook nextcloud into the ldap backend that kopano uses?

    kopano 8.7.1
    kopano-konnectd: 0.18.0
    nextcloud 15.0.7
    files plugin 2.1.5 / owncloud plugin 2.1.0

  • Kopano

    Hi @okami,

    when using the Nextcloud social login plugin to create users you always have to use the username generated in nextcloud by it and cannot use the regular username of the user (regular in the sense that this is the one you use in Kopano to login). If you still decide to go down this route then there are “app passwords” in Nextcloud you could utilise for this (a quite similar case was discussed in

    In the end I would (as documented in rather recommend to “enrich” existing Nextcloud users with a social login than to create new users through the social login. This way the user still has a username which he will be able to recognize easily and a password you could use in the files plugin of Kopano.

  • @fbartels yeah, you’re right. I got carried away there I guess, expectation wise :)

    Using an app password does work, though it has the side-effect that if a user changes his/her password in openldap, the app password will be invalidated. So enriching is perhaps a (much) better plan. I need to think about it. Maybe tying it together using the same ldap backend works as well for this. ( I do want to avoid people having different accounts/passwords, really)

    It works now (after I enabled the share API in nextcloud 16, took a bit of digging through JSON output to figure that out.)

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