Wrong ad in calendar widget

  • Hi@all,

    i have a display problem with the calendar widget. I’ll make a new appointment:

    Start: 23.04
    End: 26.04
    Full day

    in the calendar widget:

    23.04.2019 - 27.04.19

    Why? I only have this problem with one user.

    I use:

    Kopano Core: Version
    Kopano WebApp:
    Z-Push for Kopano: 2.4.5

    on UCS 4.4.0 (via Appstore)

    With best

  • i have tested the behavior again on another system with another user. It’s crazy.

    I made a new appointment every week. Once 08.05-10.05 or 09.05.-11.05.

    Once it was displayed correctly in the widget otherwise always one day too long

  • I was the only one who had this problem. I reset my webapp-settings but that didn’t bring any improvement.

  • I’ll keep testing. It is a problem with the widget “upcoming dates”
    I have an appointment series:

    • Wednesday (1 day)
    • all day
    • every two weeks

    in the widget he is depicted two days

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