accept invite on mobile device does not work

  • hello community!

    has someone else had this problem?
    getting an invitation on the mobile device works, but if you accept, you get an error ‘the answer for the invitation can not be sent’

    in the z-push-error-log we get
    06/05/2019 15:57:03 [25073] [WARN] [#unknown] ZPush::getAddSyncFolders() : the additional folder ‘Kalender XXX’ is not configured completely. Missing ‘flags’ parameter, defaulting to DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_NONE.

    Any ideas?


  • Kopano

    Hi Jochen,

    which Z-Push version are you using? Which backend?
    Are there more errors in the Z-Push log?
    Could you post the complete request when you accept the invitation (WBXML level)?

    Also in the z-push.conf.php for the $additionalFolders folders ‘flags’ parameter is missing. It should be something like:

    $additionalFolders = array(
            // demo entry for the synchronization of contacts from the public folder.
            // uncomment (remove '/*' '*/') and fill in the folderid
                'store'     => "SYSTEM",
                'folderid'  => "1234",
                'name'      => "Public Contacts",
                'type'      => SYNC_FOLDER_TYPE_USER_CONTACT,
                'flags'     => DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_NONE,

    Possible values for ‘flags’ parameter are explained above the $additionalFolders:

     *      flags:      sets additional options on the shared folder. Supported are:
     *                      DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_NONE
     *                          No flags configured, default flag to be set
     *                      DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_SENDASOWNER
     *                          When replying in this folder, automatically do Send-As
     *                      DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_CALENDARREMINDERS
     *                          If set, Outlook shows reminders for these shares with KOE
     *                      DeviceManager::FLD_FLAGS_NOREADONLYNOTIFY
     *                          If set, Z-Push won't send notification emails for changes
     *                          if the folder is read-only


  • Hello @Manfred!

    we activated the WBXML by adding the user to the specialLogUser array, but we do not get a user log.

    $specialLogUsers = array('USERX');
    // Filelog settings
    define('LOGFILEDIR', '/var/log/z-push/');
    define('LOGFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'z-push.log');
    define('LOGERRORFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'z-push-error.log');

    the clients are syced, but no log created.

    if you want, i can send you a download link for the logs by mail (in case, please provide)


  • Kopano

    Hi Jochen,

    if you have a valid subscription, you can open an issue with Kopano and attach the log. Otherwise you can send me the link per PN.


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