Kopano Files Bug

  • Good morning.

    I run owncloud on centos 7, version as below. I also run kopano server and webapp on Debian 9 (other VM).


    I have the following bug which can be reproduced as following:

    a) I go into the owncloud app on my mobile phone, create a folder and add some files into it.
    b) The files are uploaded fine, I can see them on the owncloud web page, I can download them and I can view them.

    c) I then go back to Kopano webapp and go into “Files” and navigate to that folder, and it does not exist. It is simply not visible.

    No matter what I do, I restart httpd (the owncloud server on centos) or apache2 (the kopano web server) and still no luck.

    Does Kopano Files keep a cache somewhere and this isn’t refreshed? How do you flush that cache? Shouldn’t this happen automatically?

    Kopano Core:


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