Z-Push at Kopano - birthday in contact 1 day early

  • I use Z-Push w/ just the Caldav and IMAP backends. My observations are that if the TimeZone is not set properly to that of the Caldav server, then ALL-DAY appointments appear a day early. If a specific time-range is entered for the appointment then it appears correctly.

    On my system, I configure the TimeZone for “autodiscover” to be “US/Eastern”. In the main Z-Push config.php file, I use “Europe/London”. In so doing, Z-Push log entries use “Europe/London” time. I then changed logging to use SysLog to get correct date/time stamps on the Z-Push log entries.

    Hope this helps.

  • @harry63 said in Z-Push at Kopano - birthday in contact 1 day early:

    I run z-push 2.4.5 connected to kopano core 8.7.0

    when I sync my contacts to a ipad running ios 12.2 on most contacts the birthday is set one day early.

    I just noticed the same behaviour this week on my kopano 8.7.0 / z-push 2.4.5 system. This is most annoying, not so say, it is catastrophic. Because about 80% of the birthdays in my contacts folder are shown as one day early. Note: The problem is not in the calendar items, it is in the contacts items. Do contacts items have time zones?

    Looking closer, birthdays are shown one day early on Z-Push synchronized devices (all iOS) and in WebApp. Also in my case, Outlook seems to show the correct dates.

    Edit: Problem is not solved in kopano 8.7.1

  • Hi @harry63,

    did you find a solution to correct this issue?

  • Hi,

    I am running Kopano (8.7.3) with Z-Push (2.5.0+0-0) on Univention UCS Server (4.4-0 errata 175). A few days ago I also discovered this behaviour on my iOS (12.3.1) device. I checked the birthday in contacts on my computer via DeskApp (2.3.11) / WebApp ( The birthday there was correct (in my case 30.09.1985). On my iOS-device the birthday of the same contact is one day earlier (29.05.1985).

    Quite embarrassing to congratulate someone one day earlier. But it gets even better.

    After some tests I found out that the wrong birthday is synced back from iOS-device to DeskApp/WebApp if you change a contact-field e.g. street on your device. WebApp/DeskApp AND! the device now both has the wrong birthday (one day earlier). Another change to the same contact in WebApp/DeskApp and the birthday ends up two days earlier on your device.

    Ping-Pong-changes between your device and WebApp/DeskApp makes the contact older day-by-day. It’s a disaster. Especially for men like me, who can’t remember birthdays.

    My Time-zone settings

    iOS-Device: Europe/Berlin
    Z-Push: Europe/Berlin
    Univention UCS: Europe/Berlin

  • Kopano

    IMHO this is a Webapp issue. Afaik WebApp saves the birthday in it’s current timezone, which in your case would be GMT+1. Z-Push works (and has to work as in the specs) with GMT+0, which then returns the date 1h earlier and so it becomes day-1 at 23:00. This is what we sync to the mobile and the mobile interprets it as day-1 (which is also not really wrong).
    If birthdays would be saved in GMT+0 then everything should be fine.

    I would recommend to open a WebApp ticket to fix this.


  • Hi there,

    still same problem here with native Kopano installation. iOS devices show birthday one day early when contact is altered in WebApp. Any news on this?

  • Kopano

    Hi @genesis74,

    there is meanwhile a ticket for the WebApp team, but no fix yet. I’d recommend to follow https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-3203.

  • @fbartels said in Z-Push at Kopano - birthday in contact 1 day early:

    regarding ticket 3203


    I see last entry on 2. sep - is there any news about this problem ? would be nice if this can be solved


  • I am having the same issue, any news?


  • Would be great if somebody could take care of this bug eventually.

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