Z-Push at Kopano - birthday in contact 1 day early

  • Hello,

    I run z-push 2.4.5 connected to kopano core 8.7.0

    when I sync my contacts to a ipad running ios 12.2 on most contacts the birthday is set one day early.
    e.g. if the correct birthday is May 2nd the ipad shows May 1st.
    but on some contacts the birthday is correct.

    I’ve already resynced the contacts several times and I also deleted them from the ipad and started a new syncronization, no change in the behavior.

    displaying the contacts in outlook connected directly with mapi all birthdays are correct,
    Outlook synced over z-push shows the same error.

    In the past this was never seen before,

    I see no errors in the logfiles, has anybody seen this before?

    Thanks in advance, Harald

  • Kopano

    Hi Harald,

    what time zones do you have set on the Kopano and Z-Push server and on your ipad? Did you compare birthdays in WBXML log for contacts with and without error? Are birthdays correct for all contacts in webapp?


  • Hi Manfred,

    all Servers and the iPad are set to Timezone Europe/Berlin.

    WebApp shows the same behavior as the iPad, some Birthdays are correct, most are not and the effect happens on the same contacts.

    in WBXML
    correct Birthday is shown as: 1972-12-09T00:00:00.000Z
    wrong as: 1973-07-29T22:00:00.000Z

    checked all entries in the WBXML Log: it looks like the timestamp after the letter T makes the difference. All Entries with a timestamp of 00:00:00.000Z are correct, the ones with different timestamp like 23:00:00:000.Z and 22:00:00.000Z are wrong. Only in Outlook connected by MAPI directly I see the correct dates.

    So thank you for pointing me in the rigtht direction, it seems like a issue with Kopano as also the WebApp is failing on this.

    Thanks a lot, Harald

  • I use Z-Push w/ just the Caldav and IMAP backends. My observations are that if the TimeZone is not set properly to that of the Caldav server, then ALL-DAY appointments appear a day early. If a specific time-range is entered for the appointment then it appears correctly.

    On my system, I configure the TimeZone for “autodiscover” to be “US/Eastern”. In the main Z-Push config.php file, I use “Europe/London”. In so doing, Z-Push log entries use “Europe/London” time. I then changed logging to use SysLog to get correct date/time stamps on the Z-Push log entries.

    Hope this helps.

  • @harry63 said in Z-Push at Kopano - birthday in contact 1 day early:

    I run z-push 2.4.5 connected to kopano core 8.7.0

    when I sync my contacts to a ipad running ios 12.2 on most contacts the birthday is set one day early.

    I just noticed the same behaviour this week on my kopano 8.7.0 / z-push 2.4.5 system. This is most annoying, not so say, it is catastrophic. Because about 80% of the birthdays in my contacts folder are shown as one day early. Note: The problem is not in the calendar items, it is in the contacts items. Do contacts items have time zones?

    Looking closer, birthdays are shown one day early on Z-Push synchronized devices (all iOS) and in WebApp. Also in my case, Outlook seems to show the correct dates.

    Edit: Problem is not solved in kopano 8.7.1

  • Hi @harry63,

    did you find a solution to correct this issue?

  • Hi,

    I am running Kopano (8.7.3) with Z-Push (2.5.0+0-0) on Univention UCS Server (4.4-0 errata 175). A few days ago I also discovered this behaviour on my iOS (12.3.1) device. I checked the birthday in contacts on my computer via DeskApp (2.3.11) / WebApp ( The birthday there was correct (in my case 30.09.1985). On my iOS-device the birthday of the same contact is one day earlier (29.05.1985).

    Quite embarrassing to congratulate someone one day earlier. But it gets even better.

    After some tests I found out that the wrong birthday is synced back from iOS-device to DeskApp/WebApp if you change a contact-field e.g. street on your device. WebApp/DeskApp AND! the device now both has the wrong birthday (one day earlier). Another change to the same contact in WebApp/DeskApp and the birthday ends up two days earlier on your device.

    Ping-Pong-changes between your device and WebApp/DeskApp makes the contact older day-by-day. It’s a disaster. Especially for men like me, who can’t remember birthdays.

    My Time-zone settings

    iOS-Device: Europe/Berlin
    Z-Push: Europe/Berlin
    Univention UCS: Europe/Berlin

  • Kopano

    IMHO this is a Webapp issue. Afaik WebApp saves the birthday in it’s current timezone, which in your case would be GMT+1. Z-Push works (and has to work as in the specs) with GMT+0, which then returns the date 1h earlier and so it becomes day-1 at 23:00. This is what we sync to the mobile and the mobile interprets it as day-1 (which is also not really wrong).
    If birthdays would be saved in GMT+0 then everything should be fine.

    I would recommend to open a WebApp ticket to fix this.


  • Hi there,

    still same problem here with native Kopano installation. iOS devices show birthday one day early when contact is altered in WebApp. Any news on this?

  • Kopano

    Hi @genesis74,

    there is meanwhile a ticket for the WebApp team, but no fix yet. I’d recommend to follow https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-3203.

  • @fbartels said in Z-Push at Kopano - birthday in contact 1 day early:

    regarding ticket 3203


    I see last entry on 2. sep - is there any news about this problem ? would be nice if this can be solved


  • I am having the same issue, any news?


  • Would be great if somebody could take care of this bug eventually.

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