removing attachments from a message to save filespace

  • Hi all,

    one of our employees are asking how to remove attachments from a email message so the mail file size get smaller. He said he was able to do this in Outlook and I also know from Lotus Notes clients supporting this.

    Is this possible in Kopano DeskApp? The goal is to keep the whole user mailbox size small by deleting unwanted attachments from mail message but at the same time keeping the message with the email content.

  • Kopano

    @micro save filespace where?

    DeskApp makes use of WebApp and does not download email messages (other than some local caching efforts). Just removing an attachment is not possible (you can download but not remove).

    If you’re looking to reduce mailbox size I would recommend looking into Kopano Archiver - would that be an option?

  • Hi Bob,

    that’s why I asked if it’s possible at all. Maybe there is a function available that allows the user to right-click on an attachment and that in advance Kopano removes the linked physical file from the attachments library (in our case lying under filespace /var/lib/kopano/attachments) and dereference it while the message content (text) keeps intact.

    until now I thought I cannot use Kopano Archiver because we only have one single server (no multi-server, no multi-company) setting. But as far as I understood THIS I just need to install another Linux host with the shown services and configure it. This secondary Kopano-Server has just the role of Archiving, right? It does not interferece or make any write operations on my main Kopano server running? And before you ask: yes, we have the PRO subscription :)

    so do you suggest to build a secondary Kopano-server for archiving purposes?

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