MDM Plugin: Can admins manage user devices (feature request)?

  • Hi,

    because we used the MDM plugin productively for the first time I noticed that privileged users (Admin or other users with such rights) cannot manage devices of other users (e.g. Wiping, Re-Sync or assign shared folders) but only the end user himself. Since end users usually manage their passwords themselves, it is currently cumbersome to help such an end user as an admin.

    Since end users often have too little knowledge, interest or time for these tasks, such an admin management would be very important in my opinion. And since you often want to set some actions (e.g. split calendars, assign address books) for several to many or all users, it would be great if you could execute them in one go.

    Regards Robert

  • Kopano

    @PRO123 being an admin you have the Z-Push command line tools at your disposal, providing more a more powerful feature set.

    The MDM plugin really is aimed at end users, adding admin-features is not currently on the roadmap.

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