Import ical to public calendar

  • Hiho …
    … I need to create a public calendar with some predifined entries, delivered via an ics-file.
    I’ve tried to import them via context-menu in the public calendar . I can choose the ics and get a success-message but no entries are added to the calendar.

    Tried it with an personal calendar too … didn’t work too …

    The import via curl like described in the wiki worked for the personal calendar.
    But how to use this for a public calendar? This is missing in the wiki …

    Did I missed something?



  • Kopano


    Import via WebApp in public calendar works, but only the first entry is imported. That’s a limitation from Kopano-Core
    described here:

    Via curl I would say change username and folder to public/foldername/

  • Sry for my “fast reply” ;)

    The idea to use /public/public-calendar instead of username works like a charm ;)

    for example:

    # curl -u [kopano-admin user]:[password] -T [path to ics file] http://[kopano-ical-server]:8080/ical/public/public-calendar

    in my case:

    # curl -u [kopano-admin user]:[password] -T /home/support/feiertage_niedersachsen_2020.ics http://localhost:8080/ical/public/Feiertage%20Niedersachen

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