Feature Proposition: Reorder/Organize Calendars

  • Hi all,

    not sure if this forum is to be used as well to post feature propositions.

    Been checking out DeskApp as an alternative to Outlook/KOE and maybe I just missed how to do it, but shared Calendars I have imported seem to appear in order of import. And are not reorderable. And I didn’t find a way to create “Folders” to organize the
    different Calendars.

    Not having this will be a really hard sale to our users…

    kind regards


  • Kopano

    Hi Remo,

    I found the related ticket for this feature request: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1119

  • thank you kindly. I upvoted your jira report.

    But I would like to point out that me writing Deskapp was not a typo at all. I really meant Deskapp.

    So that Jira entry might not be applicable and your move of my post from deskapp subforum to webapp subforum not the correct action?

  • Kopano

    Hi Remo,

    The fix will be made in the WebApp project, that’s why it’s a KW ticket :)

  • But I requested that feature in the DESKAPP!

    How is it getting fixed in the webapp the answer to my post???

    I am seriously confused by this exchange here…

  • Kopano

    Hi Remo,

    With DeskApp you connect to a server running WebApp. During profile creation you have to enter your “WebApp address”.
    Please read https://kopano.com/products/deskapp/ perhaps this clarifies it even more.

    So, when this issue will be fixed in WebApp it will also be fixed in DeskApp.

  • So, when this issue will be fixed in WebApp it will also be fixed in DeskApp.

    So when the webapp has this feature of reorganizing my left side Calendar Entries so I can move them up or down in the list as proposed by the Jira request. Or Group them as requested by me.

    That feature will appear in the Deskapp without any changes to the Deskapp Application itself? It seems to me it would need either drag Calendar Entries in the left side functionality. or new right click on Calendar entries in the left tab menu options.

    And that GUI interaction functionality the Deskapp will download via the WebApp Address I enter in the config?

    I am impressed. That is some serious dark wizardry :-)

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