IMAP is not trustworthy

  • With two different clients (Thunderbird, Evolution) not all mails are displayed, although according to WebApp/DeskApp (and also Outlook MAPI) these mails are available.
    This concerns mails e.g. from “Wiener Linien (order confirmation)” and from “Amazon (your order … has been sent!)”.
    I could not find out why IMAP does not display these mails.

    If these mails are “unread”, Thunderbird displays the number of unread mails correctly in the folder with these mails (in the folder overview). However, if this folder is selected, this number disappears and the mails are not present.

    Even if the mails are moved to another/new folder (with DeskApp/WebApp/Outlook), they are also not present in IMAP.

    I would like to use Thunderbird because it can be used offline and offers other functions I need. Unfortunately I have to accept the DeskApp, which is good but only available for online access.

    Can I contribute to the solution of the problem? I can only make the mails in question available in a protected area because they contain confidential data.

    I use the community version of Kopano, so I can only ask for support via the forum. Since the problem with IMAP will certainly also affect professional users, there may be interest in a solution.

    Kopano Core: 8.6.8
    Z-Push: 2.4.5+0-0

  • Kopano

    Hi @ro, thanks for your offer to help solve the problem! I have sent you a private message with some information on how/where to upload files.

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