Using Distribution Lists or Contact Groups with Z-Push

  • While testing I have noticed that Contacts so sync between Z-Push and Mobile Devices (including OL w/ KOE) but Distribution Lists do NOT! However groups within the GAB do???

    Is this by design?
    Is this an Activesync protocol problem?


  • Kopano

    Distribution list are not part of the ActiveSync protocol and therefore are not available in Outlook (or any other ActiveSync client).
    For the GAB we use a different sync mechanism (this is also why you need the sync-gab tool). As the GAB sync is our own code, we can also implement groups without major issues.

    For distribution lists we are evaluating if there are ways to work around this limitation, but don’t expect any fix soon on this (as until now, we haven’t found any doable workaround).


  • Hi Christian,

    are there any new informations for us from your evaluating?

    Thanks and merry Christmas

  • Kopano

    @businesstux No feasible solution was found.

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