Z-Push 2.5.x beta/pre-final updates

  • Kopano

    Hi all,

    the release procedure for Z-Push 2.5.x versions will be the same as for Z-Push 2.4.x versions.

    From today pre-final branch will contain Z-Push 2.5.x releases. If for some reason you want to continue using Z-Push 2.4.x pre-final, you’ll have to disable the current Z-Push pre-final repository and checkout release/2.4 branch. More information about using branches is available at: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/How+to+get+the+latest+Z-Push+code+from+GIT.

    By using the pre-final repository you will automatically get fixes fast and install beta versions.

    When a final is released, in the release/2.5 branch/pre-final repo this version also gets a tag, like version+1-beta0. So, 2.5.0 final in master is called 2.5.1.beta0 in release/2.5.
    Changes are going to be continuously merged into the release/2.5 branch.
    By using the pre-final repository you will get these changes when update/upgrade from the repository.
    These changes will be part of the next released beta, but you will have them before the beta is officially released (a released beta is just a bundle of changes).

    2.5.0 was released (final, in the GIT master branch)
    in release/2.5 2.5.0 is called 2.5.1.beta0+0 (same thing, just a different name)
    as changes are merged, the last number will increase, 2.5.1.beta0+6 are changes that are going to become 2.5.1.beta1. Same as 2.5.1.beta1+X are changes that are going to become 2.5.1.beta2 (or perhaps final if we consider these changes trivial enough that we don’t release another beta).
    This thread is to keep you updated about the changes that are merged into the release/2.5 branch.

    Alternatively you could get the same via a GIT checkout of the release/2.5 branch.

    If you have any feedback about the version, please open a new thread mentioning the exact version number logged in your z-push log.


  • Kopano

    Tickets in Z-Push 2.5.0 beta1

    [ZP-499] - Z-Push check to email address fails on some chars
    [ZP-1388] - Folder sync status sometimes not updating
    [ZP-1458] - Categories are lost when marking email read/unread on shared account
    [ZP-1460] - Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function GetUserDetails() in /usr/share/z-push/backend/imap/imap.php:1704
    [ZP-1461] - Unable to configure z-push-config-nginx (2.4.5+0-0) on Ubuntu16.04
    [ZP-1463] - GAB sync doesn’t work with KC
    [ZP-1466] - FileStateMachine: written state size is always 1
    [ZP-1475] - Fax number mapped incorrectly in gab2contacts
    [ZP-1477] - Unvalid date filter on BackendIMAP
    [ZP-1479] - Remove chunks of gabsync which don’t contain current data
    [ZP-1488] - Resolve recipients to exact email address if MaxAmbiguousRecipients is 1

    New Feature
    [ZP-1417] - Script to check if store and folderid are available for sharing
    [ZP-1469] - A function in z-push-admin for returning folderId list
    [ZP-1470] - Verbose fixstates
    [ZP-1476] - Single user Fixstate
    [ZP-1485] - GAB-Sync: configuration option to determine what kind of GAB entries should be synchronized

    [ZP-1126] - Replace z_RTF class with the newer one
    [ZP-1213] - Modify LoopDetection to handle big sync windows better
    [ZP-1232] - Don’t send update failure notifications for certain folders
    [ZP-1389] - CalDAV: Timezones
    [ZP-1390] - Expose mailbox size via webservice
    [ZP-1432] - Save device data on the same memcached server
    [ZP-1433] - TopCollector isEnabled accesses IPC hasData on every call
    [ZP-1453] - Merge MAPI classes from webapp
    [ZP-1465] - Adaptive folder re sync upper threshold
    [ZP-1471] - gab-sync - cache groups’ members
    [ZP-1478] - Print gabId in the gabsync script
    [ZP-1480] - Retry loop when reading file state machine data from disk

  • Kopano

    Z-Push beta1 update1

    [ZP-1477] - Unvalid date filter on BackendIMAP

    Current Z-Push pre-final version is 2.5.0.beta1+58.

  • Kopano

    Triggered build of release/2.5 branch. Current Z-Push pre-final version is 2.5.1.beta0+0.

  • Kopano

    Update to the pre-final branch including the following tickets:

    [ZP-1491] - ZP-1491 fix auth_sasl file paths and change function to public function
    [ZP-1497] - [gabsync] Everyone is member of Everyone
    [ZP-1499] - Handle syncing of mailboxes with \Noselect folders
    [ZP-1500] - Clarified use of STARTTLS.
    [ZP-1503] - Syntax error in Kopano mapiexception
    [ZP-1504] - Add auth user to the IPC type for webservice calls
    [ZP-1506] - LOGLEVEL_WBXML does not work with ZLog::SpecialLogUser()
    [ZP-1507] - Add option to define SYNC_FILTERTIME for public folders
    [ZP-1508] - ReplyBackImExporter::ImportMessageReadFlag not compatible with IImportChanges::ImportMessageReadFlag

    Current Z-Push pre-final version is 2.5.1.beta0+26.

  • Kopano

    Update to the pre-final branch:

    [ZP-1510] - Manpages are installed in wrong section
    [ZP-1511] - IMAP should use correct case for MIME-Version
    [ZP-1514] - gab2contacts: Can’t fetch value set for CONTACT_FOLDERID

    Current Z-Push pre-final version is 2.5.1.beta1+11.

  • Kopano

    Update to the pre-final branch:

    [ZP-1515] - Remove link to wincache issue.
    [ZP-1519] - Outlook feature doesn’t work when ‘mobile’ feature is disabled.
    [ZP-1524] - Accepting meeting request on an ios device does not work.
    [ZP-1526] - Don’t add Everyone to memberOf on multi tenant systems.
    [ZP-1531] - Use long-id if it’s send when forwarding an email.

    Current Z-Push pre-final version is 2.5.2.beta0+12.

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