Changing default font "Tahoma (10pt)" to "Arial (11pt)"

  • Hello all,

    by default in WebApp the font Tahoma with size=10pt is used. How can we change this globally to Arial 11pt so it shoudl take effect for all users without the need of user interaction?

  • Kopano

    @micro there is no configuration option to achieve what you want, but perhaps the new tool webapp-admin comes in handy. Check out the topic about it here:

    If you’re interested in playing around with it it is probably easiest if you enable ‘advanced settings’ in your WebApp configuration and figure out the path to use with the --add-option flag. (Be careful with this option, there is no validation and it is therefore easy to break your profile - you might want to try this first on a testing mailbox).

    You’ll find that you need these options:


    You can copy the values from a profile that matches your desired settings and apply to other profiles.

  • Thanks for your kind assistance and suggestion. But this is a productive environment where I cannot risk anything. Setting up another equivalent server is not an option. However, thank you.

  • Kopano

    You can make such requests on the topic @bhuisman linked.
    If you do want to try that --add-option flag, keep in mind that the font-size setting expect a number not a string.
    E.g. 8pt = 1, 9pt = 2 etc

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