Webapp resolves mail-address incorrectly

  • Hello Kopano Community.

    I have an issue that is only reproducible on one customer server.

    The customer has a Shared Store for a meeting room with the mail-address: besprechungzimmerei@domain.tld
    There is also an existing user with the following alias address: zimmerei@domain.tld

    Now when the user want to write an email to zimmerei@domain.tld the webapp auto solves to the shared store which is not what we want.

    Why does the webapp always resolve the shared store instead of the user?

    I also tried to reproduce this issue on our kopano server but that didn’t work out. In our environment the result is as expected and the user with the alias address will be resolved.

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
    If someone needs more informations, just let me know and I will provide this info.

    KC: 8.6.8
    Webapp: 3.5.0

    Kind regards

  • Kopano

    Hi @sebschremser,

    Probably the ldap_object_search_filter does not contain enough attributes can you change it to

    ldap_object_search_filter = (|(mail=%s*)(uid=%s*)(cn=%s)(fullname=%s)(givenname=%s)(lastname=%s)(sn=%s))

    If you cannot find the option in the ldap.cfg just add it then.

  • Hi @robing

    Thank you for this information.
    I will give it a try tonight, because we have an webapp update appointment.

    I will post the result.

    Kind regards

  • Hi @robing

    I just tried your tip. But unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem.

    When I type in the To-Field: zimmerei@domain.tld the Shared Store will be resolved and not the user with the alias address.

    Do you have any further hints for me to solve this issue?

    Kind regards

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