Outlook 2016 sometimes do not move or do not delete mails

  • Hi,

    with Outlook 2016 and KOE 2.0-331 we see some problems. When two users access the same mailbox, typical office@domain mailboxes. We see this issues, one user moves a mail to a subfolder but the mail on second Outlook still stay in inbox. Also if one user deletes some mails, most of this mails will not be deleted from mailbox, WebApp still shows this mails.
    Fully patched Outlook 2016 on German Windows 10 x64 also fully patched.
    German Kopano support is not help full, last year we opened an incident, but the answer was, this is a Microsoft problem. Unfortunately this is a big problem for me, because my customers hits me.
    Any ideas how to solve this issues?

  • Kopano

    @WalterHof said in Outlook 2016 sometimes do not move or do not delete mails:

    this is a Microsoft problem

    Unfortunately this really seems to be the case. We investigated quite some customer cases and from that it became clear that outlook occasionally forgets to send these move requests to the server.

    This is also why we adapted our usage recommendations on https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Setting+up+the+Kopano+OL+Extension

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