clicking on a base64 imported image (signature templating) will break line feeds when using Minimal TinyMCE editor

  • Hello all,

    running Kopano version as shown in my forum post signature. I am not sure if this something known or unknown but I thought I’ll post it here and hopefully get some feedback.

    I ran into an issue while working with signature templating . I am doing everything as explained on this signature template deployment manual .

    At the last line of my injected signature I have inserted a base64 image which represents our company logo. On GNU/Linux shell I just executed “base64 logo.png” to get the base64 content which I inserted afterwards into my signature.html template.

    I create a new email and see my signature with the logo on the bottom. The logo is displayed correctly as expected in the injected signature. But:

    whenever I left mouse click onto this logo/image all the line breaks within the signature part will double. That means a simple line feed will have an empty line between those two lines. All blank lines are transformed into two blank lines. Thus the whole signature is stretched vertically. The lines of the message text I entered are not affected.

    I did some more tests and found that this happens ONLY when <Minimal TinyMCE editor> is used and the logo was injected with base64 signature templating.

    When using template injected signature + “Minimal TinyMCE editor” the issue does occur.
    When using template injected signature + “TinyMCE editor” the issue does not occur.
    When using manual signature with pasted image/logo + “Minimal TinyMCE editor” the issue does not occur.
    When using manual signature with pasted image/logo + “TinyMCE editor” the issue does not occur.

    Some more information: clicking onto the image for the 1st time will break the line feeds as explained. At this time the image itself is not selected and not marked (no borders). Clicking a 2nd time onto the image will select it as expected. To reproduce this issue it is not necessary to click exactly onto the image. You can even click right of the image in the blank white area, you just need to hit the white are within the “line/row” next to that image. Another way to reproduce this is by just using the down-cursor within the message text and at the time the cursor reached the line containing the image it will break the line feeds.

    if anyone could cross-check and report I think it would be helpful. Feedback of a dev is also appreciated. Thank you.


    EDIT: I just received a complaint of one of our employee that the described issue occured at her side, too. But she is neither using the Minimal TinyMCE editor nor she received a template signature injected. She is using a normal signature which I created for her manually. She suspects this issue being related to copy/paste stuff from other windows but it’s not reproducable yet.

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