default folder english instead of german

  • Hi,

    when creating a new user all default folders are spelled in english, on older mailboxes this folders are in language which is configured for the user
    How can i change them to other language afterwards like inbox - Posteingang etc

    core version 8.3.0-1042
    WebApp (but was also with previous webapp versions)



  • Hello @externa1

    if its the same like ZCP, you can change the language based on the installed/supported language of the system (i have CentOS 7 so if you have a Redhat Based system this will help a bit)

    localectl list-locales

    will give you all installed languages. - Then go to

    vi kopano

    and change the default=“C” to “de_DE.utf8”. All newly installed stores will have german names.

    For changing the existing english Stores, there was a script, but i dont thinks its compatible with kopano.
    What should work (if possible) is to unhook the store, and let kopano create a new one.
    Basicly just for stores that got nothing loaded.

    I think further information will follow.


  • Hi,

    I’m running kopano on UCS 4.2 (Debian8) so there is no /etc/sysconfig/ folder -

    anyone to know what config file i have to modify for kopano default language (in webapp config.php i changed it already to de_DE.utf8 but that did not help every new account has its default folder names in english)



  • Kopano

    The folder names of the default folders are set when the store is created.
    To change them afterwards you need to use a script like this one:

  • @Sebastian

    Ok thats clear to me. thanks for the link.
    But how do I change the default language on creation of new store ?


  • Kopano

    The language is defined in the createuser scripts in /etc/kopano/userscripts/createuser.d

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