Feature-dev: Folder-links in favourites

  • Hello folks,
    I’d find it usefull to have folder-links in webapp-favourites:
    Meaning, a possibility to set a certain branch in the mailbox-tree-structure as favourite allowing full navigation into the sub-hierarchy.

    As of current, a sub-tree-favourite does not give access to deeper structures and is limited to first hierarchy-order items, only.

    Is anybody at Kopano or community already working on something like this or does it make sense to spend time on such a feature?


  • Kopano


    Do you mean this: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-559
    Currently this is not intended to develop.

    You are also the first one requesting this behavior.

  • Hi @marty,
    yes, KW-559 well describes the desired behaviour.

    You are also the first one requesting this behavior.

    … a familiar situation. ;-)

    We’re friends of hierarchical structures with (shared) mails very often ending-up in deep folder-trees.

    It be time-saving to have a (temporary) possibility to speed-up access into certain deeper hierarchies e.g. for the time you’re working on a specific project.

    Although I’d personally vote for a configureable category/ search-key-based “virtual” favourites-system, a behaviour as described in KW-559 would be already a big improvement for our daily use-case.

    Do you think this feature-request is suitable for a Webapp-extension?

  • Kopano

    @umgfoin You can always create a plugin that override/extend e.g. favorites functionality.

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