• Hello everybody,

    Currently I have a problem with the web / desk app from Kopano.
    We use the S / MIME module to sign our emails.
    It worked for a while.

    Now the mails, which are sent via the Web- / Deskapp, arrive with “invalid signature”.

    Mails, which are sent via Android (also signed), arrive with “valid signature”.

    A look in the mail.log seems to give an indication of the problem:

    via Android:
    Feb 13 13:59:02 server amavis [20237]: (20237-05) Passed CLEAN {RelayedOutbound},

    via Web- / Deskapp:
    Feb 13 13:31:25 server amavis [20237]: (20237-04) Passed BAD-HEADER-8 {RelayedOutbound, Quarantined},

    Can someone help me in this regard?
    What information is needed?

    Thanks you for your help.

    The mail in the format TEXT also works and the mail arrives with a valid signature.

    Here are the version:
    Kopano Core:
    SMIME Plugin: 1.0

    Based on a Univention Corporate Server 4.3-3 errata428.