Not Synchronized Folders Kopano WebApp vs. IMAP Clients

  • One of our customers had an strange issue with some of the mail folders. At the moment it’s the Draft folders. For better description i have here the same folder on WebApp, Thunderbird for Mac and Thunderbird for Linux.

    WebApp: (Customer View)
    alt text
    Thunderbird Linux: (my View)
    alt text
    Thunderbird Mac: (Customer View)
    alt text

    How coul’d this happen? For me and the company owner it’s more a annoying issue, but not a work breaker. But the employee’s at the company have a different view of this problem. How coul’d this happen? Is this an issue at IMAP Client Side? WebApp? or Kopano-Gateway?

    When i connect via telnet to IMAP and do look into the Drafts folder i see the following:

    A SELECT "Entw&APw-rfe"
    * 6 EXISTS
    * 0 RECENT
    * FLAGS (\Seen \Draft \Deleted \Flagged \Answered $Forwarded)
    * OK [PERMANENTFLAGS (\Seen \Draft \Deleted \Flagged \Answered $Forwarded)] Permanent flags
    * OK [UIDNEXT 139508] Predicted next UID
    * OK [UNSEEN 6] First unseen message
    A OK [READ-WRITE] SELECT completed

    That their exist six Mails, like WebApp also display. When i no look at the flags of the mails

    a FETCH 1:* FLAGS
    * 1 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \Draft))
    * 2 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \Draft))
    * 3 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \Draft))
    * 4 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \Draft \Deleted))
    * 5 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen \Draft \Deleted))
    * 6 FETCH (FLAGS (\Draft))
    a OK FETCH completed

    Two of them had Flag “Deleted”. I think this are the mails, which are don’t displayed on my view. Is now the question, why WebApp display this messages? (And the other question is, why Thunderbird on mac only display’s the “Unseen” message, but i think this is another question which is not Kopano related).

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