print-calendar monthly formatting issues / too big font

  • Hi,
    first, it is cool that we can print a monthly view of the calendar. Thanks a lot!

    We noticed a view things:
    1.) The font size of the entries is rather big. So - if you have a little longer texts, they will be cut off with … very early.
    2.) The sorting of the appointments is from latest to earliest (should be the other way around). Not 11.00h, 10.00h, 09.00h -> 09.00h, 10.00h, 11.00h
    3.) Not all entries are printed in the monthly view (not enough space?).

    Issues are also happening in Deskapp, which is clear.

    I added 2 screenshot. One shows the outlookentry for 28th of january, the other one shows the same entry in kopano.



  • Kopano

    @mcdaniels We’re hoping to tackle the design later.
    For all print previews.

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