on behalf of not shown on print but in sent folder

  • We updated yesterday from Kopano Core 8.6.9 and webapp 3.5.0 to Core 8.7.0 and webapp 3.5.1. With this update I also changed the config option copy_delegate_mails ‘yes’ to ‘move-to-rep’. Which is working perfectly fine.

    Today we recognized that the used “From Address” isn’t shown on the print out but it is shown in the sent folder of the user which was used as “from Address”.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Login as User A
    • Define From Address of User B
    • Compose new Email as User A and chosse User B in the ‘From dropdown menu’
    • click on Send
    • the sent mail will be stored in the sent folder of User B (as expected)
    • in the mail-header of the sent item you can see User A on behalf of User B
    • click on print
    • in the print view you can see only User A with name and email address, but not “on behalf of”

    Used System:
    Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
    Core 8.7.0

    Thanks in advance for your support and please let me know if you need further information.

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