Lost Attachments

  • Hallo,

    i have changed my old Zarafa 7.1.10 to Kopano 8.6.9 with following steps to a new Server:

    Zarafa 7.1.10 -> Zarafa 7.2.5 -> Kopano 8.4.9 -> Kopano 8.6.9.

    It works all fine, but i cann’t open Attachments from E-Mail older then 2015. The Webapp and the Deskapp shows the Attachment as “Unknown”. The Kopano-Search works and the indexes are new. On the Zarafa 7.1.x i can open the old Attachments. Have anybody an Idea?


  • Kopano

    @ichbins that sounds like those files simply do not exist anymore on disk. Since you mention 8.6.9 I assume you have a subscription? In that case I’d recommend to open a support call so that someone can verify this in a remote session.

  • i know it doesn’t help you much but i migrated straight from Zarafa 7.2.6 to Koano 8.6.9. Attachments <2015 (for ex. 2013) work fine.

  • perhaps check if you changed something in the directory structure where you store the attachments on disk.

    Perhaps Zarafa was pointing to a location and after the migration to another.

    Check the kopano configuration files (e.g. server.cfg) vs the equivalent configuration files?

    It does sound like the attachments are simply not on disk.

  • Double check your folder access rights for
    /var/lib/kopano/attachments and subfolders.
    Had a similar problem and fixed it that way.
    Don’t forget to rebuild your index.

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