Importing PST into public calendar

Hello, we are trying to migrate to kopano and the KOE Outlook extension (we have only outlook users here).
On problem is that there is a public calendar for holidays, birthdays etc which I think I must export as PST and import as PSt, otherwise the series information of the entries is lost. However, when I try to import a PST to an existing public calendar in outlook, I always get the alert
regardless how I try to export and import it. How can I get the series data into the system, is there a way to import PSTs without going via Outlook/ActiveSync?

Regards, JC

Sorry, not really readable. It says " Der Vorgang konnte nicht abgeschlossen werden, da er vom Dienstanbieter nicht unterstützt wird". (The task could not be completed because it is nor supported by the service provider). JC

I found out that there is a command line import tool for PST’s “kopano-migration-pst”; now if somebody can point me on how to import to the public store with that tool I would be all set. I guess I would need to set " --import-root" to something, but to what?

@isol This is actually not yet possible with the pst migrator. I had a short conversation with our team which resulted in a development ticket: A pull request for this change is currently awaiting approval.

Meanwhile (depending on the amount of data you need to import) you could import to a (temporary) mailbox and copy over the data to the public store.

Ah, can I? I was not aware of that. This works also for calendars?

@isol Yes, that should also work for calendars.