One device/Account stops syncing/ping

  • Hi there.
    Thanks for your commendable support in the last time.
    Now, the z-push works well on all devices except one device and account.
    We have two devices and both devices have two account to share the calendar. One account syncs the mails, contacs and calendar and one account the calendar from the other user only.

    On my Huawei P20 Pro, the account for the calendar stops pushing the calendar entries automatically. If i push “sync now” the new entries will be added to the calendar.
    The device stops pinging in the z-push-top after a time. The other account works well.
    I tried to fix the states and used kopano-fsck delete/added the account to the phone

    Here is the log of the device/broken account:

    I started at 21/01/2019 21:47:22 and logged till the next morning
    Is it possible for you to take a look?
    Thank you!!!


  • Kopano

    Hi Tim,

    is it the complete log? It ends at 22:18:57.

    There is nothing obviously wrong in the log. The last Ping request starts at 21:55:57 with the Lifetime of 1380 (23 minutes). This request ends with no changes at 22:18:57 which is exactly 23 minutes as requested by the device. After that response the device should issue a new Ping request, possibly with even longer Lifetime value.

    Maybe the device loses connection or android cuts the connection for the calendar.


  • Hi Manfred,
    yes, it if the complete log, unfortunately.
    The device stopps pinging unexpectedly.I think that i have to look on the smartphones side.
    It could be a problem for the phone to sync the calendar only. I will try to sync the mails for a time too.
    I will report the result.

    Thank you.

  • What i discovered in the Netherlands.

    There are Phone providers giving out ipnummers like this :
    yes, really ending on .0

    When that happens, no syncing anymore.
    So if it happens again, check you ip.
    if its wrong, turn off the device for 15 min. ( this give the dhcp server at the provider time to release your wrong ip )

    Just i tip.

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