CalDav on Apple Mac no invitation or reply to an inv possible

  • Hey folks,
    I hope some of you have a hint or even better a solution for my issue.
    I’ve got a collegue with an Apple MacBook and we managed to connect the Kopano Calendar via CalDav BUT it isnt possible to accept invitations. Its also not possible to send invitations from the Apple Calendar App. I have not much experience with Apple devices, but for me it looks like, that there has to be an issue between Apple Calendar and Apple Mail.
    If I understand correctly appointments/ invitations are sent via e-mail as an attachment. So, to accept an invitiation, the Calendar App has to trigger the Mail App for sending a Mail with an attached .ics file. And this has to be my problem. As CalDav is working, recieved invitations are added to the calendar but answers can not be sent.
    With Mozilla Thunderbird and Sunbird on Windows I got this up and running, but not with Apple.
    On the Apple itself this feature is working with the internal iCloud calendar. But not with the second Kopano CalDav calender. Both CalDav an Mail are configured with the same Kopano account.
    I hope some of you have experience with Apple or CalDav an may give me a clue.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Pax ,

    its been a while since I had a closer look at this, but I think it is actually kopano-ical that is sending out the email. so you could check the logging of kopano-ical (may need to raise the log_level) to find some hints on what is going wrong in your case.

  • Hi Felix,
    thanks for your answer. I changed ICAL log to debug and made a test with Mozillas Thunderbird. While I create new entries within the calendar ICAL is logging every action. While I’m sending answers for invitations (accept/ deny invitation) ICAL log is silent but the MTA log and Kopanos Dagent are writing new entries. Nearly the same like they do, when they are processing new mails. So I guess Thunderbird is sending answers via SMTP trough the MTA.
    When I do the same with the Apple client ICAL, Dagent and MTA are not writing anything to their logs while I answer to invitations. I still think it has to be a configuration issue on the Mac. But there isnt much to configure, as mailclient and calendar both are configured und “working”.
    “sadly” its the only Apple client in this house =)

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