Kopano-ical fails to convert MAPI message to ical message

Kopano-ical fails to convert MAPI message to ical message. Find the debug level ical log here. How can I resolve the issue?
I have another user running without issues.
kopano-ical version 8,4,0,162 (162)
Outlook 2013 with OutlookCalDavSynchronizer-2.19.1

Not directly related to your issue, but why don’t use Z-Push to sync to Outlook?

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@Sebastian I do use Z-Push for the main account. But I’d like to just share my calendar with my wife and vice versa - so I’d need read-only access just for the calendar for another account. I remember from setting up my Windows 10 Mobile Lumia640s that I couldn’t get Shared Folders to work. Is there a way to create the setup just using z-push and the Outlook ActiveSync connector? Or maybe using CalDAV/iCal?

When using KOE you could open another calendar easily in Outlook.
You could also setup the calendar of your wife via the static folder configuration, just give yourself read only permissions to the calendar and Z-Push will ensure your changes are not saved.

Without KOE you could also use the webservices to open that shared calendar. But you need to play around with it a little bit.