• How can i set the permission for the users that they can edit an delete contacts in the gab.

  • Kopano

    This is not really a koe topic. The gab is managed by kopano-server. Entries come from your user source (e.g. ldap). If you want people to edit the gab, you would need to give them write access to your ldap.

    If you want a user managed shared address book, then the better way would be to this would be a contact folder in the public store.

  • I would like to work around the issue of unavailable distribution lists in my own contacts. So my idea is to use the GAB. Can I also use distribution lists in public contacts?

  • Kopano

    When you say “public contacts” are you referring to an address book in the public folder?

    If so, then no you can’t (well in WebApp you can, but it won’t sync via active sync). It’s not any different to a contact folder in your own store.

  • Yes, I mean an address book in the public folder. My problem is Outlook. In my case I have 4 users who want to use the distribution lists. These work perfectly in the deskapp, but I do not get the users away from Outlook.

  • Kopano

    That sounds like the perfect perfect opportunity to make DeskApp more attractive to these users ;-)

  • Yes, i know. But in the moment I will import the old contacts to the gab. Is there a way for it?

  • Kopano

    You can add contacts to you gab by using the “kopano-contact” object class. These contacts can have all the attributes in ldap your other users have, but they will not have a mailbox on your system.