Insert NextCloud/OwnCloud link instead of uploading attachment

  • I put in a feature request for this about a year ago, but I can’t seem to find the link at the moment. One of the nice features of cloud product like Google GSuite and Microsoft Office 365, is the ability to force file attachments over a certain size to be uploaded to their cloud instead of attached to the email. Many email services block attachments larger than 20mb. In the case of Google GSuite, if you attempt to attach a file larger than 20mb, it will instead upload that file to the user’s Google Drive account and then insert a link in the body of the email to that file. This would be a really nice feature of have for Kopano WebApp.

    The reason that I bring this up, is because the NextCloud project has recently announced a plugin for Outlook that does this:

    The Nextcloud Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in stores data in Nextcloud instead of as attachments to emails. This has several direct benefits:
        Emails become smaller, saving storage on the mail server and inboxes of senders and recipients
        The IT department is in control over the data, with security policies enforced by File Access Control in effect
        Files and folders exchanged can be of any size and amount
    The Add-in lets users upload attachments to Nextcloud. It will automatically insert a link to the attachments in the email. Users can also create a public upload folder for the recipient and the Add-in can be configured to automatically upload attachments before they are sent when they exceed a specified size. An upcoming feature is the ‘activity tracker’ which is being tested now. It shows when files were uploaded in a folder that was shared or when files were downloaded. This feature is expected in a big release later this summer.

    Is there any plan to add a feature like this to the WebApp?

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